domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Virtual trip to Scotland
In the trip to Scotland I was in a group composed of Lucía and me.
There were differents roles like the Teacher, Guide, Catering and Travel agent.
Like we were only two people, we didn't have and specific role, but I have work like Travel Agent, and Guide more than Catering or Teacher.

The travel agent must look for the hotel, flight and the place where we'll visit.

The guide must show us the places and give us information about the places.

The teacher has to explain things about monuments and the things that are included in the travel.

The catering have to look for the differents food that we'll eat and the timetable for differents meals.

martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

Reading in english
The book that I'll read is Robinson Crusoe. This books tells the story of an shipwreck who lives for years on a desert island with his friend 'Friday'. To know what will happens in the end, you must read.

I think that this is a good book for read because show you that you musn't lose the hopeness.
I choose this book because I've seen the film too.

My PLE (Personal learning environment)
The Ple (Personal learning environment) is a diagram that show you the tools that you use for many things, for comunicate you with people, for study, for search things...
 Jade's mum.
On 28th September, Laura Sims, has came to our highschool to tell us some things about her life. The meeting was really interesting for me, because she has an interesting life and I'm really proud because I could understand everything.
Here it is what she has said:
Laura was born in a city of England, wich is called Exeter. She left the school when she had 16 years old, and she's really regret, so she went to the unevirsity at 33 years old and she became teacher.
Laura moved to Mallorca 12 years ago where she was working like a teacher. Laura and her daughter, Jade, who is in my class, moved to Motril 2 years later.
She prefers Spain because the weather, the safety of the city and she said, that of course, because it's cheaper. She loves sailing, because when she was 8 years old her father bought a ship and she has sailed 30 years.
Laura loves dogs, she has 6 dogs, she also likes the sea and the mountain, but the sea when there aren't jellyfish.
Actually, she works as a builder and sometimes as a teacher.
 Knowing me

My name is Carmen and I'm fifteen years old. I have two brothers that are older than me. They'are twenty-four and thirty years old.

My dad is fifty four years old and my mum fourty-eight.
I have good friends, but my best friend is Paula that's in my class. She's my best friend since two years. We are always together. My favorite food is pasta, and I think that I eat pasta everyday.

Apart from that, my favorite music is rap. Rap, rap and rap like a lifestyle.
My favorite group is 'Violadores del Verso". I also listen to rock, Ramones for example, and english hip-hop. Lil'Wayne y my favorite hip-hop singer.
I've a hobbie but I do it also because it's good for my physic. My hobbie is to play waterpolo. I have been playing  waterpolo for 2 years ago, so I'm good at it, and I practice it two hours and a half per day, except Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
My favorite school subject is Biology, because in a future I want to study medicine and have my own general practice.
I'm concerned that the government doesn't know how to solve this crissis, and it goes up and up.

Classroom posters
We have selected some motivating pictures to decorate the class. One picture that i have done with Paula is this picture, that have a quote from her favorite group of music.